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BACON BLOODY BACON: Matt Bacon On The 3 Biggest Mistakes Made with Facebook Ads

Cheap and easy Video Content Marketing

This is the big one, the thing that if you understand can really move the needle for your ads and get you records selling. Understanding how to create effective creative, that is to say, images or videos for your marketing is essential if you are trying to close sales and run an ad that actually works.


Running ads on Facebook is extremely difficult. There’s a lot of ins and outs that you have to understand otherwise you are pissing away money. There’s obviously been a ton of hacks to help with this but I can assure you a lot of it is mere quackery. So I wanted to write an article talking about the three biggest mistakes people make on Facebook ads.

These mistakes are all ones that you can fix pretty easily and shouldn’t be too technical. First and foremost is getting your geographic targeting right. Then it’s a question of hitting your …

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