Average Order Value (AOV): What It Is and 5 Ways to Increase It [Video]

In the affiliate marketing and ecommerce space, the “average order value” metric tells an important story about the health and potential of your offer. Read on to find out more about the AOV and how you can make it a lot higher!

What is Average Order Value in Ecommerce?

If you’re a product owner, you always have a LOT of different things to keep track of – but almost nothing is as important as your offer’s average order value!

Here’s a quick definition:

Average order value = Total revenue divided by number of orders.

Simple, right?

But we can be even more precise. At ClickBank, we clarify the definition of AOV like this:

The average amount that a customer spends when they go through your funnel and complete a purchase for the first time.

For example, if your total revenue in a month was $5,000 on 100 initial orders, that means that – on average – each order was worth $50 that month.

Of course, keep in …

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