Australia Post Is Going To Start Charging You Rent For Unclaimed Parcels [Video]

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If you don’t pick up your Australia Post parcel deliveries after five days, you might be on the hook for an extra $9 fee. That’ll be another sting for the 8 per cent of AusPost’s customers that are a bit tardy with their post office visits, and it’ll net the mail carrier even more money to prop up the struggling letter delivery business.

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Business Insider reports that as of August 1, Australia Post will begin holding parcels for up to 30 business days before returning them — that’s up from the current 6-day holding period for regular customers and 10-day period for MyPost customers — but will begin charging small rental fees after that short grace period expires.

If you’re not a MyPost customer, you’ll be charged a $3 fee after your six business day grace period if you pick up your package before 10 business days, while 11-15 business days nets a …

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