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Audio Social Media Apps: The Future Of Marketing? [Video]

Audio Social Media Apps: The Future of Marketing?

I was speculating what is all about an imminent future wave of audio that freshly influenced the social media platforms. 

With tenacious, innovative trends of traditional audio sound, media is left far behind. 

The first wave of audio credit goes to radios, and primary podcasts bring the second wave, podcasts and new social audio technology bring the third wave. 

Right now, a new third wave of audio is altering the way people connect through audio social media apps.

New innovative devices flagged the new trend in gadgets such as podcast echo sound, google home, earphones. 

We should all be appreciative of these devices for substituting audio frenzy worldwide. 

Audio also seals a particular time throughout a listener’s day to kill two birds with one stone and hear it when they cook food or on a morning walk.

When written text cannot convey detailed and sympathetic thoughts, the social audio is …

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Should You Give Away All Your Secrets?! [Video]

Share everything you know without getting paid?! Unpopular opinion ahead...I spent two minutes on a RANT that pretty much sums up my philosophy.Share everything you know. Share what you learned, and what you’re learning.Sharing fosters conversations...Conversations lead to trust...Trust leads to conversions.That’s it.That’s my entire approach.I share what I know and (against commonly held logic) I *still* am able to get customers.I started my career as a photographer ➡️ educator ➡️ business strategist ➡️ podcaster ➡️ co-founder and CEO...And the backbone of my growth has been sharing information.What is ONE topic you can post about/share today?

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How I Growth Hacked From 0 to 1,000,000 Users in 6 Month [Video]

I joined in 2007 as employee #4, within 6 months of launching the product we had 1,000,000 users!! Within 2 years the company sold to Intuit for $170M. Here's the story of the Mint Marketing Plan.📖 Here's a 50 page PDF with the step-by-step instructions to help you plan your own marketing launches:🔔 Subscribe to the channel for more videos to help you on your entrepreneurship journey:🦊 Get weekly marketing tips from me straight to your inbox:👪 Join my Facebook Community to discuss entrepreneurship with others:📈 Find the BEST software tools to run your business: