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Audiences: Custom Affinity vs Custom Intent

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Google Ads is a hugely powerful tool for any business when trying to reach potential customers; however targeting and reaching the right audience isn’t always as straightforward as it may appear. In this edition of T-Time with Tillison, Mark is looking at Custom Affinity Audiences vs Custom Intent Audiences, when you should and shouldn’t use either and also how they compare to In-Market Audiences.

In this T-Time Show:

  • Custom Affinity Audience Definition
  • Custom Intent Audience Definition
  • In-Market Audience Definition
  • Custom Affinity Audiences vs Custom Intent Audiences vs In Market Audience

So what are the differences?

(0:48) Mark begins by defining Custom Affinity Audiences as more like a TV-style audience. They are much broader than Custom Intent Audiences. Custom Affinity will target a larger and wider audience group where as Custom Intent is much more specific.

With both Custom Affinity and Custom Intent you are asking Google to target people through using a list of keywords or URL’s you yourself have chosen.

The …

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