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Ask Me Anything: When People Rip You Off [Video]

Ask Me Anything: When People Rip You Off

It’s time for another weekly edition of Ask Me Anything! Here’s a sample of the questions we have today: Captions on Reels…Should You Do Stories…How to Avoid Business Regret… What to Do When People Rip You Off…

Join me for this LIVE chat about growing your business, confidently marketing it, and developing real relationship with followers who turn into customers!

00:00 Hello + Welcome
01:01 What Captions To Pair With Reels
03:47 Different Content Types on Platforms
05:17 How To Know What Content Your Ideal Client Wants
07:48 Gaining Momentum After A Break
08:57 Tips For Talking To A Camera
10:17 What You Should Have Done Sooner
15:09 How Engagement on Stories Works
16:18 The Most Important Daily Discipline on Social Media
17:49 Is Social Curator Open?
18:22 Final Thoughts

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