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Are you Wasting Your Time on LinkedIn? – [Video]

Let’s face it, LinkedIn is all the rage. LinkedIn Sales Navigator gives B2B marketers all kinds of access to the people they want to target. It’s a direct channel for peer-to-peer communication and even basic LinkedIn provides good options if you use them. 

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There are plenty of different ways to use LinkedIn from a sales perspective. These include obvious routes to target your audience such as:

  • Building a network of relevant connections
  • Messaging those that decide to connect 
  • Sponsoring content (posts/videos etc) to reach a specific target audience 
  • Advertising with specific calls to action including text-based advertising using PPC or CPM or dynamic advertising where Ads are personalized to your Audience. 
  • InMails to reach out to those that have not connected with you 

There are also a variety of tools that allow for semi-automation providing the ability to regularly post on LinkedIn without the hassle of doing this manually. However, …

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Audiio Review ❇️ Royalty Free Stock Music 🔥 $100 Off LIFETIME Deal [Video]

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