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Are You Using the Most Powerful Force on Earth? | Conscious Living with Gary Zukav [Video]

Are You Using the Most Powerful Force on Earth? | Conscious Living with Gary Zukav

Only two intentions exist for everything you do, think, or say. Either you act out of fear — or you act out of love. Why does it matter?

Because as Gary Zukav explains in this exclusive MarieTV Interview, the intention you put into your life directly correlates to the results you get back. Do you want your days filled with joy, ease, and spontaneity? Or pain, frustration, and suffering? The choice is yours.

Gary Zukav is a modern spiritual teacher and the author of four consecutive New York Times Best Sellers including “The Seat of the Soul” and “Universal Human.” He appeared on the Oprah Show more than 30 times. In this episode, Gary speaks openly about his early struggle with sex and drug addiction, the importance of emotional awareness, and how we can each become the creator of our own lives.

Watch now and learn how to radically transform the quality of your life and relationships by choosing love over fear in tiny ways every day.

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