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Are VTubers the Future of Video Content Creation? [Video]

If you follow video marketing trends, you might have noticed an increase in animated videos starring anime-style avatars. This content is created by VTubers, and it’s taking content creation by storm. 

Top VTubers have millions of followers and earn hundreds of thousands of dollars a month. 

According to experts, the industry is on the rise. HyperSense shared that the number of total VTuber subscribers increased by 28 percent in 2019, while the total views of Vtuber content increased by 99 percent.

At first glance, this might not seem like a serious trend. However, marketers and brands like Mattel and KFC are leveraging virtual YouTubers to drive serious engagement. 

What exactly are VTubers, and why should you care? Here is what you need to know to become a Vtuber or use this new trend to grow your business. 

What Are VTubers?

VTubers (short for virtual YouTubers) are content creators who use animated avatars and stop motion graphics in their videos, rather than their physical …

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