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Apple Motion Lower Third Tutorial | STEP BY STEP [Video]

Apple Motion Lower Third Tutorial | STEP BY STEP

In today’s Apple Motion Tutorial, I’m going to show you how to make two different Lower Thirds (or “name supers” or “titles”). As always, we’ll take this course step by step!

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00:00 Introduction
01:00 Lower Third #1 Tutorial
01:36 What are Safe Zones in Apple Motion
02:38 Animating Shapes using keyframes
08:17 Using the Mask tool to Mask Groups
10:55 Adding Main Text
11:55 Adding Behaviors to Text (Overshoot)
13:39 How to Mask Text in Apple Motion
15:01 Adding Subtext
19:48 Copying and Pasting Behaviors in Apple Motion
21:10 Animating in Lower Third
22:34 Modifying the Anchor Point
24:42 Fading out a Group
26:14 Exporting with a Transparent Background in Apple Motion
26:44 Lower Third #2 Tutorial
29:00 Using the Write On behavior in Apple Motion
30:39 Adding Glint Filter to shape
31:35 Adding Main Text
32:17 Transforming Individual Characters using Transform Glyph
33:15 Adding Shimmer Behavior to Text
33:30 Adding Subtext
34:30 Animating Lower Third In
36:09 Animating Lower Third Out
37:12 Resizing and Repositioning Name Super

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