Apple, Google, Amazon and Facebook bet on gaming. Here’s how they’ve done so far [Video]

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New York (CNN Business)Almost every tech giant has its sights on gaming. Even Apple and Google, predominantly known for their hardware and operating systems, have made big bets in games.

Microsoft, one of the earliest to get into games with its Xbox consoles in the early 2000s, announced last Monday that it will be shutting down its livestreaming service, Mixer, by July 22. The company acquired Mixer in 2016 and last year paid gaming stars like Ninja millions of dollars to sign exclusive contracts.

Over the past ten months, Google launched its cloud gaming service Stadia, Apple introduced subscription service Apple Arcade, and Amazon released a free-to-play PC game called "Crucible." Livestreaming platforms like Facebook Gaming also are vying for audience attention.

But after the splashy launches, whatever happened to Apple Arcade or Google Stadia or some of these other products? We take a look at them below.

2019 was a big year for Apple launching new services after

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