Another empty shop on Lincolns post-pandemic High Street LSJ News [Video]

The post-pandemic High Street is looking bleaker after Thorntons announced the closure of all 61 of their shops.

Thorntons closed their shop in the Cornhill Quarter in 2019 but now the High Street shop is set to close too.

The convenience of online shopping has overtaken the need to go out, putting the future of the Great British High Street in jeopardy as more people chose to have their shopping brought to them.

Lee Roberts, operations manager at Lincoln Business Improvement Group said: “The empty units on the High Street make it look as though no investment is going into the city centre.

One empty High Street unit has been decorated with a mirage inspired by the stained glass windows at the cathedral.

“However, Lincoln BIG are currently working on a project to make these empty shops less of an eye sore.”

42-year-old Sally Blackman from Bardney is eager to …

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