Angry woman denies she is a ‘Karen’ after blasting Woolworths for online shopping blunder [Video]

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An angry woman has denied she is a 'Karen' after blasting Woolworths for an online shopping blunder.

The Sydney woman posted a lengthy message to Facebook after she paid extra for her groceries to be bagged in paper – not plastic.

But in a mix-up, every individual item came in a plastic bag.

'Woolworths what on earth is this?' she wrote.

'I get my groceries delivered and pay EXTRA for paper bags because I don't want plastic.

'And then you put EACH can of cat food in a separate plastic bag and then put the bagged cans into a paper bag! Why?'

The woman said she could understand if the contents of the plastic bag were breakable and likely to spill 'but it's a metal can of cat food!

'The eggs and glass jars weren't in their own bags, so why this?'

'I have already stopped buying fresh fruit and veg from you because (aside from being near …

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