An Optical Illusion Makes This Flat-Pack Lamp Look Not So Flat

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The advent of online shopping has also meant an increase in flat-pack product designs that are cheaper and easier to ship around the world. Usually there are design sacrifices involved — see IKEA’s product line for example — but Spain-based design studio Kutarq came up with this novel design for a lamp that’s easy to ship but doesn’t skimp on functionality.

Out of the box, the Moitie looks like its creators forgot to ship the other half of its clever lamp-shaped fluorescent tube. But it actually mounts onto an included mirror to complete the other 180 degrees of the lamp, thanks to an optical illusion. The reflective backing also helps bounce extra illumination around a room, so it’s win-win. Next week the folks at Kutarq will be showing off the Moitie at Paris Design Week, and hopefully there will be enough interest for this clever idea to become more than just a one-off concept. [Kutarq via

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