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AMD’s Frank Azor Teases Somethings Out Tomorrow (Big Navi?) [Video]

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/ 18 mins ago

For many months now we’ve heard AMD tell us (repeatedly) that Big Navi, their new graphics card architecture, is coming, and presuming that they haven’t been lying to us it will arrive before the end of this year. To date, however, despite a lot of promises from various members of Team Red’s management, we’ve seen very little to indicate that a launch is imminent, let alone expected before 2021.

Following a Twitter post by AMD’s gaming architect and marketing chief Frank Azor, however, he seems (in a lyrical sense) to be dropping a pretty hefty hint that something is coming tomorrow.

"The sun'll come out
So ya gotta hang on
'Til tomorrow
Come what may
Tomorrow, tomorrow!
I love ya tomorrow!
You're always
A day

— Frank Azor (@AzorFrank) September 9, 2020

AMD – “Tomorrow Tomorrow I’ll Love You Tomorrow”

Quoting the lyrics to a song from the ‘Annie’ musical (perhaps apt given that she …

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