Amazon’s Wheel of Time Series Releases First Audio Sneak Peek [Video]

Like so many other series in production, Amazon’s The Wheel of Time was brought to a halt by the onset of the covid-19 pandemic. At this point, it doesn’t seem at all likely it’ll launch in 2020 the way it was originally meant to. That being said, The Wheel of Time’s team wants people to know that things are actually still coming together—it’s just that we can’t quite see them yet.

Apropos of it being a Wednesday afternoon, The Wheel of Time’s Twitter profile lit up today with a 16-second video containing audio from the series at a point time when chaos has broken out. Amid the screams of multiple people in the background, a woman’s voice stands out as she asks a man whether or not he’s ready to do something, to which he replies that he’s not.

The woman admits she’s not ready either as the clip comes to an and the whole time this is happening, …

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