Amazon Yanks Racist Product Listings Related to Apple AirPods Searches – Gizmodo Australia [Video]

Amazon has removed a number of product listings that appeared when shoppers searched for Apple’s AirPods after the thumbnails for those products included horrifically racist slurs.

The product listings from the company’s UK site were flagged over the weekend by users on social media, with Reuters reporting Sunday that the topic “AirPods” was trending on Twitter in the UK. Reuters reported that at the time it ran a search over the weekend, the images were no longer viewable, and it wasn’t clear how long they’d been up. A search for AirPods on Amazon’s U.S. site did not appear to turn up any similar results Monday.


Saw Airpods trending. Saw why. Searched it for myself.

WTAF @amazon @JeffBezos ?

What kind of racist scumcunt would do this?

Beyond fucking garbage.

Fuck those that did it, allowed it, contributed to it and think this is ok.

Cunts.#Airpods #Amazon #racism

— Benjamin Teacher (@benjaminteacher) May 30, 2020

When asked for comment …

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