Amazon Showcases Fossil Fuel Ties the Same Day Climate Pledge Arena Sign Unveiled [Video]

On Tuesday, the blue-and-green sign that will sit atop Climate Pledge Arena rolled out to be placed atop the home of Seattle’s new hockey team. Amazon bought the naming rights to highlight the company’s plan to get to net zero emissions by 2040 and plow $US2 ($3) billion in venture capital money on its way to getting there.

The same day, the company also hosted Shell to talk about an industrywide oil and gas initiative to speed up extraction using Amazon cloud computing at AWS re:Invent, what it dubbed the “biggest cloud computing event of the year.” The multi-week conference gives companies a chance to highlight how they’re using Amazon Web Services’ cloud software to improve their bottom lines. It includes a neutrally named “energy” track that only features speakers from the oil and gas industry, including giants like Shell, ConocoPhillips, and Phillips 66. The juxtaposition shows that Amazon’s Climate Pledge is still largely a branding exercise that covers for the …

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