Amazon reveals 19,8000 employees have tested positive for COVID-19 since March [Video]

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Nearly 20,000 Amazon employees have tested positive for COVID-19 since the start of the pandemic in March, the company has revealed. 

The e-commerce giant disclosed the data for the first time on its blog on Thursday, following months of pressure from workers and labor groups to publicly release the figures. 

Amazon said 19,816 of its 1.37million workers, have contracted the virus – a rate of 1.4 per cent. 

The company said the rate of infection was 42 per cent lower than expected when considering the virus' spread in the general population. 

The Seattle-based company said that it examined data from March 1 to September 19 on 1.37million workers at Amazon and Whole Foods Market across the US. 

It then compared the COVID-19 case rates to the general population, as reported by Johns Hopkins University for the same period.  

Based on that analysis, if the rate among Amazon and Whole Foods employees were the same as that for the general …

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