Amazon rainforest fires the worst in a decade [Video]

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As the world struggles with COVID-19 another disaster has been quietly unfolding.

The worst fires in a decade are burning in the Amazon rainforest.

The Amazon fires are already twice as bad as the devastasting 2019 fires.

Brazil reported 8373 fires in its portion of the Amazon rainforest in the first week of September 2020 – double the amount seen last year, according to the country’s Space research agency.

But it’s not just Brazil. California is also on fire, so is the Arctic Circle, and now Australia’s bushfire season is underway.

Scientists fear that these fires represent a ‘new normal’.

The ‘lungs of the earth’ are going up in smoke. Photo: Greenpeace

The Brazilian data is backed by the Global Fire Emissions Database project run by NASA, which showed that emissions from fires hit a 10 year high in August.

Fires are increasingly spreading into areas of untouched woodland, with 27 per cent of fires in September in virgin forests.

And the Amazon rainforest, often …

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