Amazon Promises to Replace Missing PS5 Consoles [Video]

Last month, several Amazon customers in the UK received items like dog food and grills, rather than the PlayStation 5 that they had purchased from the company. While Amazon offered to refund those customers, this did little to comfort those that could no longer find the console from other retailers. Fortunately, it seems that Amazon has secured replacement consoles that can be sent out to those that received the wrong products. According to IGN, a letter has been sent out detailing the steps that must be taken. Following payment, customers will apparently receive the console within 14 days. Those fans will finally be able to breathe a sigh of relief!

Given how difficult it is to secure a PS5 at the moment, this news is fairly surprising! The system is sold out everywhere, and restocks aren't likely to occur until sometime next year. Unfortunately, it seems that resellers are a big part …

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