Amazon Prime & Truth Seekers Hosts an Escape Room & You Can Play!! [Video]

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If you've been hoping for a little excitement in your life, well, have I got an adventure for you!!

Truth Seekers is coming to Amazon Prime. The new TV series from Nick Frost and Simon Pegg debuts on October 30, and there is a celebration underway that you can participate in — for free!

What is it? It's an online, virtual escape room. And I've just completed it. It's a lot of fun!

Here's the official scoop:

The Truth Seekers Remote Adventure puts players at the center of a thrilling paranormal investigation.

Players are enlisted by Elton (Samson Kayo) and Gus (Nick Frost) to help him and the rest of the Truth Seekers restore 6G signal at a museum in Weymouth and recover the artifact causing the disruption.

Upon entering The Truth Seekers Remote Adventure, players will be greeted by two team members from The Escape Game: The Host and The Game Guide.

The Host will be on the video call with the …

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