Amazon now offers free, one-hour grocery pickup for Prime members at all Whole Foods in the US [Video]

The big picture: Per recent data from Global Data Research, nearly 70 percent of those surveyed said they will continue to use curbside pickup once things get back to normal. And can you blame them? Why would you ever want to bump shoulders and wait in long checkout lines again when you can simply pull up and have someone bring your order right out to your vehicle?

Amazon on Wednesday announced that free, one-hour pickup from Whole Foods Market is now available at all US locations for Prime members.

To place an order, simply open the Amazon app on your mobile device or visit Amazon’s website, click the Whole Foods Market tab then select your store and start shopping. When finished, select a check-out window that works best for you and submit the order.

So long as your order is over $35, you’ll qualify for free one-hour pickup.

Once you arrive at the store, just check in …

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