Amazon Music podcasts on the way, with immediate controversy

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Amazon Music podcasts are on the way, with the ecommerce giant also planning on making podcasts available on its audiobook service, Audible. This will almost certainly mean that podcasts are natively supported on Echo speakers, rather than requiring third-party skills.

Apple is still the best-known source of podcasts, but Spotify has offered podcasts for a few years now and has really upped its game in the past 18 months – including a controversial $100M exclusive. Other ways to listen to podcasts include TuneIn, iHeart Radio, Pandora, and

Just like Spotify, Amazon is headed for controversy with its approach …

The Desk learned about Amazon’s planned move after the ecommerce giant started contacting show producers, inviting them to participate.

Amazon will incorporate free podcasts into its Amazon Music and Audible products, according to a confidential email distributed to some show producers on Monday.

The email, a copy of which was obtained …

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