Amazon executive reveals the tech giant own Whole Foods could go cashierless by next year [Video]

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Whole Foods may go cashierless next year, according to new reports about Amazon's high-end supermarket chain.   

The tech giant first ditched cashiers in 2018, when it introduced its Amazon Go convenience stores. 

The stores use cameras and sensors to track customers as they shop, then walk out without ever stopping at a register.

Now rumors are circulating that Jeff Wilke, Amazon's retiring Chief of Consumer, wants to bring the technology to the upscale supermarket chain before he leaves in early 2021.

Critics say getting rid of checkout clerks is a 'ruthless strategy' that will cost thousands of jobs.

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The New York Post reported that before getting his gold watch, the 53-year-old wants to launch more Amazon Go supermarkets nationwide.

 Wilke also wants to institute the self-serve system at Whole Foods, which Amazon for $13.7 billion in 2017.

'Amazon Go proved out the tech, but they can't figure out how to make those stores profitable,' …

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