Amazon Ends Dash Wand Support on July 21 [Video]

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If you use Amazon's Dash Wand as a convenient way of re-ordering groceries, get ready for a change. Your Dash Wand will no longer be supported next month.

As The Verge reports, Amazon sent out an email to Dash Wand owners informing them that the device will no longer function as of July 21. It's suggested that you de-register the Wand from your account, which can be achieved by navigating to the "manage content and devices" section, and then to recycle the hardware through Amazon's Second Chance recycling service.

Amazon introduced the Dash Wand With Alexaback in June 2017. It was designed to comfortably sit in your hand, had a magnet in the back for easy attachment to your fridge, and came with a hook for hanging it up instead. The functionality on offer was simple, yet effective. Use the the built-in barcode scanner to scan barcodes for groceries you wanted to refresh. Link the …

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