Amazon employee launches nationwide appeal to find her engagement ring [Video]

An Amazon employee has launched a nationwide appeal to find her engagement ring – after she dropped it into a package which was sent to a customer.

Jasmine Paget, 18, from Swansea, couldn't believe it when she finished her shift working in the packaging department and realised her band was missing.

She had only got engaged to fiance Josh Mannings, 20, a few months before on Valentine's Day this year and was devastated.

The beloved ring is a silver band with a focus diamond and small diamonds around the main gem.

Jasmine believes that she dropped the ring into one of the many hundreds of parcels that she had packaged up on Saturday.

She returned to her home devastated and shared her unfortunate story on social media over the weekend.

Now, Jasmine is pleading with people to check their Amazon packages for her missing ring.

Thousands have shared her post …

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