Amazon discount hack will help you save money on Christmas presents [Video]

Amazon shoppers it’s time to rejoice as Channel 4 documentary The Truth About Amazon has uncovered a helpful hack that will help you save money while shopping for presents this Christmas.

Having previously spilt details on how to save money by bypassing the Best Buy box, presenters Sabrina Grant and Helen Skelton have discovered another handy tip for those on a budget.

In an exclusive clip shared with ahead of tonight’s episode, they unveil a URL that will present products which have been marked down with a discount of 30% off or more.

After searching for any product into the Amazon search bar, customers can simply add this code – &pct-off=30- – to the end of the URL for discounted items.

The code also removes all the sponsored and promotional posts that really clog up the search results page, allowing shoppers to see more easily some of the best deals. 

Having used the nifty hack, Sabrina finds a set of …

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