Amazon Comments If Playstation 5 Is Available During Prime Day 2020 [Video]

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Two of the biggest things going on in online retail right now are Amazon's upcoming Prime Day promotion, which will provide Amazon Prime members with exclusive deals on hundreds of items…and the pre-orders recently launched for Sony's PlayStation 5. It isn't too surprising, then, that as Amazon shares promotional information for Prime Day, some fans on Twitter reached out to ask whether it's possible they could get a steep discount on a PS5 if they wait until Prime Day and get themselves into the queue for the sometimes-highly-competitive deals, which can be short-lived and hard to land.

The short of it? Amazon didn't say yes or no, necessarily, but it certainly sounds like they don't have anything to offer.

"All details about this release including available inventory are on item’s page," Amazon's Help account tweeted in response. "We don’t have any other updates at this time."

The relevant information about what’s inside the PlayStation 5

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