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Always blog on the bright side of life: What science tells us about social media marketing [Video]

One of my favourite podcasts, The Naked Scientists, covered an interesting story this week about whether or not the mood and tone of social media content is actually contagious.

While the study in question was focussing on Facebook content, I believe it also applies to your WordPress blogging too.

The key point: If you are negative you breed negativity.

Fiddling with the Facebook algorithm

The program focussed on a study that included Facebook’s own data team, in which the newsfeed of Facebook updates for different subjects were skewed towards positive or negative stories.

Social psychology researcher, Jorina Von Zimmerman from University College London, explained how people exposed to exceptionally negative updates began creating negative updates themselves, and vice versa.

As an example, Jorina mentioned that someone in London grizzling about depressing rain would actually affect the moods of friends in Australia, even if they were enjoying a glorious, 30 degree day.

Jorina also pointed out that this effect impacted on direct friends, …

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Social Media Marketing

Are You SILENCED by the Algorithm? [Video]

Are your posts not seen? Well, I have news for you…It’s not the algorithm.It’s your content and engagement.That’s it.This video is a REAL conversation I had with a business owner…and I want to share it so we have an open and *honest* conversation.Content creation doesn’t have to be hard.If our posts focus on our followers (not always on our business), engagement will follow.If this post resonated, let’s engage!Leave a comment and I’ll do my best to respond so we can get to know each other better

Social Media Marketing

5 Post COVID Business Ideas To Start in 2021 [Video]

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