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AI Can Boost Ad Transparency In Age Of First-Party Proliferation: IBMs Hlavacek Beet.TV [Video]

The waning of digital ad identifiers like cookies and Apple’s IDFA is prompting a new focus on advertisers and publishers gathering first-party audience data.

Whilst it may seem easier to manage that direct, there is a school of thought that it is actually going to make things rather complicated.

In this video interview with Beet.TV, Jeremy Hlavacek, chief revenue officer of IBM Watson Advertising, explains why – and what the answer may be.

Hlavacek says it is vital to ensure “transparency” in the ad supply chain. But he acknowledges people in the industry are confused about what that means – anything from algorithmic “black boxes” to ad margin taken by partners.

He advocates a two-step response:

  1. “Make sure you have first-party data relationships. Connected to all this is consumer privacy and making sure that consumers understand how their data is being used and that it’s being used in a reasonable and really increasingly legally compliant way as …
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