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Ahead of the Game Podcast Episode 34: Get started with Social Commerce | Digital Marketing Institute [Video]

Ahead of the Game Podcast Episode 34: Get started with Social Commerce | Digital Marketing Institute

The rise over the last few years of Facebook and Instagram shops – #SocialCommerce – is proof that Social Media is not just a brand channel, it’s an effective commercial channel.

Host Will Francis chats with #eCommerce expert Cathal Melinn about what’s unique to this method of selling and marketing, how to integrate with your other channels, where influencers fit in, new directions like WeChat, and of course, how you can get started with Social Commerce.

Introduction 00:00
Why are people taking e-Commerce more seriously? 00:57
How does e-Commerce benefit the social media platform 4:58
What products and brands work best with social commerce? 6:23
What products sell well using social commerce? 8:04
The marketing funnel 10:32
Paid social vs organic social 15:26
Cost-per-acquisition 19:10
How can I get started with social commerce? 20:50
What are the key platforms for social commerce? 26:00
Are promotional channels reliant on social ads? 32:48
Influencers and social commerce 34:36
What does the future of social commerce look like? 40:21

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