Afraid Your iPhone Passwords Are Leaked? Check Now Which Passwords Are Compromised! [Video]

Your iPhone holds a lot of sensitive information: photos and videos, confidential messages and emails, bank details, and most especially your account passwords.

When someone gets ahold of your account passwords, anything in your accounts–may it be social media, email, Amazon, and frighteningly your bank account details–is open for the hacker to exploit.

You could lose your social media access, experience fraudulent transactions on your online shopping accounts (especially when you have your credit card linked to the shop already), and worse, have your identity stolen.

All in all, leaked passwords will cause a lot of trouble for you, and it's best to be very secure about your sensitive information.

How to Check If Your iPhone Passwords Are Compromised

Luckily, your iPhone has built-in helpers to keep your passwords from falling into the wrong hands, USA Today said.

Your Safari stores your passwords in Keychain, and it can be accessed from any of your iOS devices or iCloud. The passwords are checked …

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