How to Market to Expensive Keywords
How to Market to Expensive Keywords
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ActiveCampaign Review | Pricing & Features (2024) [Video]

Social Media Marketing

Master customer engagement with ActiveCampaign’s detailed analytics, seamless integrations, and automation for personalized marketing across email and social media.


An impossibly thorough platform, ActiveCampaign excels at capturing customer/prospect data that marketers can use to automate and personalize their email/social/web campaigns at scale.

Pros and Cons

Built-in sales CRM stores customer data that can be used to market right back to them

Powerful, easy-to-set up automations can run long-term campaigns from start to finish

Nearly 1,000 integrations with other apps and services gives new meaning to word “ominchannel”

Reporting could use more financial metrics to better measure the cost and effectiveness of advertising

Best for: Businesses of all sizes

As far as tools go, there’s a lot to love about software in general as far as its ability to make everyday tasks easier. Of all the nice things we could say about digital solutions, though, their longevity isn’t on the list. For the most part, software just doesn’t last: tech …

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