Acro Media Q&A Digital Solutions for B2B Companies [Video]

Matt Gomez, Senior Business Developer, and Becky Parisotto, Director of Business Development sat down for a live Q&A. They tackled questions and concerns we hear often surrounding B2B digital transformation, as well as specific questions from the live chat.


Timestamps of note:03:00 — When planning a big move to online, how do you do this while minimizing disruptions to current B2B business operations??07:27 — Live chat question: my company has a bunch of old systems that we can’t get rid of. How do we do ecommerce with them?12:16 — Live chat question: No one on my team knows ecommerce. Should we hire a developer?15:37 — Live chat question: Our customers can’t buy our products with a credit card online. How can we do ecommerce?25:35 — Live chat question: Our upper management wants to be quite involved with our innovation, but they aren't very technical. Any advice on how I can get an …

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