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A New Way to Make Money on Facebook? Facebook Gaming to Take Over Mixer [Video]

Some big news has come out about a merger between Facebook gaming and Microsoft's Mixer that will happen soon.

Here are some of the key details:

No More Mixer

Mixer, Microsoft's video game streaming platform that was supposed to rival Twitch, is now going to be discontinued after July 22, 2020.

Users will start being redirected to Facebook Gaming instead.

What happens to top Mixer streamers?

It turns out, gamers who signed contracts to exclusively stream on Mixer will be released and allowed to stream back on Twitch or any other platform they want.

Look for Ninja to potentially return to Twitch soon where he got famous in the first place!

How you can make money from Facebook Gaming

There are different ways streamers make money from Facebook Gaming, some off-platform, and some that are directly on Facebook.

To make money directly from Facebook Gaming, you need to apply for their Level Up program. With this program, you can earn from Facebook Stars …

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