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Tell us a few words about the founders and how the idea came

The idea of Adenlab came after 2 years of developing an algorithm that automated bidding for Google Shopping campaign. The solution, named at that time “Ads Pilot“, and part of the company Pricing Assistant, was aimed to serve E-commerce and Brands that were managing a high volume of products on Google Ads and that needed a high performing solution for their campaign.

“Ads Pilot” was growing and adding more solutions for managing the entire Google Ads account as well as other channels (Facebook, Amazon, Bing). It was time for “Ads Pilot” by Pricing Assistant to have its own history and become an independent company called Adenlab.

Adenlab became an independent company in 2019, with the aim to serve E-commerce and brands to develop their traffic and conversions through best in class campaigns with in house automation and data-oriented strategy.

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