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A 16-Step SEO Audit Process To Boost Your Google Rankings [Video]

Follow this 16-step SEO audit process to nail your site’s SEO and boost your search traffic.

Most SEO audits have two things in common:

  1. they’re too technical;
  2. they take DAYS (or even WEEKS) to complete!

This one is different.

It takes hours, not weeks, and you won’t need a degree in computer science to follow along.

Here’s a breakdown of the SEO audit process we’ll be following:

  • Steps 1–4: check for BIG issues (that may be holding your site back)
  • Steps 5–9: uncover easy-to-fix on-site problems;
  • Steps 10–12: analyze organic search traffic (and find low-hanging opportunities);
  • Steps 13–14: backlink analysis (VERY important!);
  • Steps 15–16: content audit AND “content gap” analysis.

As you can see, the aim here isn’t to show you how to do a “technical” SEO audit (which you can do with almost any SEO site audit tool).

The aim is to provide a comprehensive approach to auditing your website from an SEOperspective. …

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Father's Day Interview with Azleen Abdul Rahim, Co-Founder of Marketing in Asia [Video]

Celebrate Father’s Day with us on this live interview with Azleen Abdul Rahim, the Co-Founder of Marketing in Asia. Yes, this Father’s Day Month, Working Moms Academy is featuring husbands and fathers from different countries in the world. Working Moms Academy is an ed-tech platform and community that supports mothers struggling with stress and burnout by providing life tools that education lacks through training, coaching, and a community of moms learning together so moms can succeed personally and professionally and become better people, partners, and parents.ABOUT OUR GUESTAzleen is the co-founder of Marketing In Asia, a content-sharing platform that makes it easy for people to enjoy articles, infographics, podcasts, slides, and videos online.His personal mantra is to empower people with meaningful content so that they're able to elevate their online presence and play like a pro. He helped many individuals and brands across Asia with their Marketing strategy and its execution. Some of them are Pelangi Publishing Group, Malaysian International Halal Showcase, Halal Expo Dubai, Al-Ikhsan Group, Iskandar Investment, NanoMalaysia, Universiti Malaysia Kelantan, Universiti Utara Malaysia, Viviamo! Inc Philippines and AXA-Affin General Insurance.This live interview is sponsored by Working Moms Academy.HOW ELSE CAN WORKING MOMS ACADEMY SUPPORT YOU?★Get coached, clear, and connected on how to make your goals happen with our expert mommy coaches from the United Kingdom, Germany, India, USA, Philippines, Malaysia, and Puerto Rico★Join our FREE Working Moms Support Group on Facebook or LinkedIn now and connect with other amazing moms★Subscribe to Working Moms Academy's Youtube channel now and get access to 80+ videos that can help you succeed personally and professionally★Make your LinkedIn profile work for you by building a personal brand that will supercharge your career and boost your income through Working Moms Academy's 31-Day LinkedIn Personal Branding for Moms led by the top LinkedIn marketing and personal branding expert in Asia, Virginia Bautista. Check Working Moms Academy's website and find out more about this program.

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Smarter PPC Ad Spending - StubGroup [Video]

Are you curious to know how StubGroup drives industry-leading performance for our clients?In this free webinar, StubGroup CEO John Horn partners with the Convirza team to explain our secret weapon (call tracking) that allows us to hyper-optimize our clients investments in pay-per-click advertising.John will explain how call tracking and automated bid

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