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9 Product Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Customer Base [Video]

When you hear the phrase “product marketing,” what are some of the first brands that come to mind?

You might think of Coca-Cola, Apple, Nike, or Dove – each one a giant in its respective industry.

Product marketing is all about the consumer. To be a successful product marketer, you must pull the consumer into your narrative. They must see themselves as the protagonist in your story and feel like you’re speaking directly to them through marketing and advertising.

The stronger the connection you can form with consumers, the stronger your products will perform on the market.

All four brands mentioned above understand the importance of customer-centricity. Each one is an expert at connecting with, drawing in, and deeply engaging consumers by placing them at the center of the narrative.

Today, we’re covering several key strategies these four brands have been using for years. Each of these companies is a …

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B2B Marketing Exchange Keynote Highlights [Video]

Highlights from Greg Verdino's keynote at the 2021 B2B Marketing Exchange: Next Level ABM virtual conference. microMARKETING and account-based marketing.