#71: “Stumbling into Dev Management” with James Stanier of Shopify | Educative Sessions [Video]

#71: “Stumbling into Dev Management” with James Stanier of Shopify | Educative Sessions

Dr. James Stanier never intended to become a manager, let alone a Director or VP. He certainly never intended to publish a book about it either! Dr. Stanier shares his story from doing a Ph.D. to failing to get an academic job to joining a start-up which grew rapidly through numerous venture capital investment rounds. After reading lots of books on management in the “business” world, he applied what he knew to help shape the Engineering department at Brandwatch and now Shopify.

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Dr. James Stanier is (soon to be) Director of Engineering @ Shopify, and before that was SVP Engineering at Brandwatch. He runs and has published Become An Effective Software Engineering Manager with Pragmatic Programmers, which will soon be a course on Educative. There’s another book on remote working in the works too.

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Episode #71: “Stumbling into Dev Management” with James Stanier of Shopify | Educative Sessions

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