7 Reasons Why Your Brand Needs Video on Social Media [Video]

Cheap and easy Video Content Marketing

Video on social media is proving to be the most powerful business asset for gaining new followers, growing your brand, and driving sales.

Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and even LinkedIn have progressively pivoted towards video as the format of choice, while the rapid rise of TikTok has shown just how persuasive (and addictive!) a video-first offering can be.

But why is video content so important for brands?

Ultimately, it’s what consumers want. Social media has evolved from a place to connect with friends, into a 360° destination for entertainment, education, and e-commerce inspiration.

And in this new world of social media, video content reigns supreme.

Still not sure about the benefits of video? We’re sharing 7 reasons why your brand needs video content on social media in this blog post:

If you’ve logged in to any social media platform recently, the chances are you’ll have seen video content within the first 10 seconds.

This is because …

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