7 On-Site Search Strategies for Ecommerce [Video]

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We’re back with some more tips and tricks to give your ecommerce store a helping hand during the coronavirus crisis and beyond. In this latest article, we examine seven ways you can help translate searches into super-smooth sales!

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Inspired by our recent Tips in Ten YouTube series, we’re back with another round of actionable ecommerce strategies to help you navigate the COVID-19 retail climate and beyond.

Today, we’re delving into the world of on-site search, with seven key takeaways from our Tips in Ten collaboration with Klevu’s Claudia Ditri. Keep reading to find out how ecommerce retailers can optimise their ecommerce search functionality to drive sales, improve the customer experience, and inform merchandising strategy.

Klevu is an ecommerce search and merchandising tool, providing online retailers with a world-class search technology that connects customers with the exact products they are searching for, optimising search results by leveraging machine learning and natural language processing.

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