7 highly underrated movies on Amazon Prime Video you ought to watch at least once [Video]

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When we talk cinematic excellence, numbers or ratings do not serve justice to the art created by a filmmaker. Which is why, even with ratings holding their said value, some films get the wrong end of the stick. Hence, we’ve picked out movies on Amazon Prime Video that might be low on ratings but are high on character, script, casting and the overall experience of watching a film. 

7 highly underrated movies on Amazon Prime Video you should not miss

1. Under The Skin 

A science fiction drama movie, Under The Skin stars Scarlett Johansson in the lead as Laura, an extraterrestrial being on planet earth. An extremely attractive being, who lures men in Scotland into her van, seduces them and sends them to a different dimension, where they are nothing but dead meat. However, events take an uncharacteristic turn when she lets an ill-faced man leave. What happens next? Let’s just say, you won’t regret watching the film. 

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