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7 Crazy Ways To Use Social Proof In Your Marketing In 2021 [Video]

7 Crazy Ways to Use Social Proof in your Marketing

Are you looking for ways to increase your marketing conversions, and you thought of leveraging social proof? Well, you are on the right path.

According to a study, social proof like testimonials can increase conversions on sales pages by 34%. This is just a single case of how powerful social proof could be.

A real-life scenario:

Imagine you want to hire a web designer for your business, and you have two options. 

The first designer has worked for popular brands like Amazon, Aliexpress, CNN, and many big brands. While the second has only a few works for unknown brands to show off, which of these designers will you hire?

If you are like most people, you will hire the first designer without giving it a second thought. 

This is not because the second designer will do a lousy job, but the first one will leverage the social proof he can easily flaunt. 

At …

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