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7 Consumer Generated Marketing Examples You Need to Use Now [Video]

Consumer Generated Marketing is a type of User Generated Content.

Are you familiar with the User Generated Content marketing trend?

What is the difference between Consumer Generated Marketing and User Generated Content?

User Generated Content is a popular strategy that involves consumers making content. With Consumer Generated Marketing, you take what users make and use it to market your products and services.

Does this mean Consumer Generated Marketing is for other people? No.

As a marketer, you need to organize the marketing campaign by incorporating into your marketing what consumers’ make.

Who are the consumers involved in consumer generated marketing?

Your fans include:

  • Your social media followers
  • Your contest winners
  • Your website readers
  • Your interviewers
  • Your positive reviewers
  • Your previous customers

Any of your fans can make you marketing material.

Clearly, capitalizing on consumers’ time and creativity helps save you time and thought.

This post explains the Consumer Generated Marketing Strategy and shows you seven examples you can replicate in …

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