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6 Steps to a Cold Email Prospecting Campaign That Gets You Meetings While You Sleep! [Video]

6 Steps to a Cold Email Prospecting Campaign That Gets You Meetings While You Sleep!

Here are 6 Steps to a Cold Email Prospecting Campaign That Gets You Meetings While You Sleep!

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Let’s talk about how to set up a cold email prospecting campaign that gets you meetings while you sleep. So I’ve been working in sales and marketing for years. I run a company called X27, where we do done-for-you lead generation. I teach cold email in Email10k. Our students have generated millions of dollars in revenue using cold email and outbound emails. In today’s video, I want to show you how we do it, what sort of system we build for people, and get you sending cold emails that are going to start booking you meetings while you’re sleeping.

Why do I love cold emails so much? Because the hardest thing to do as a company is generating meetings, right? Think about it. If you were running, let’s say, a design agency. You wanted to design websites. Wouldn’t your life be a lot easier if your calendar was filled with customers that wanted to talk to you about designing a website for them? It would make it so much easier, right? Besides actually having somebody to fulfill the work, which I would even argue is easier than booking the meetings.

So let’s talk about how to actually get that calendar filled. I also wanted to say that cold email is scalable without going into the spam box. When some people think cold emails, they either think of sitting there grinding for hours a day to make a couple bucks, which is not true. You can actually be very successful in cold email with just 15 minutes a day, 15 minutes a day to your first 15K. That’s what Carlos told me to say. He’s director of client acquisition at Email10k.

So 15 minutes a day to your first $15K. It does not take too long to write these emails, and it’s not spam. So the process we talk about is a very customized cold email process. So you’re going out there. You’re only sending to people that you know are going to buy your service because they’re very qualified. They fit your exact criteria. They’re golden geese companies, so between $5 million and $150 million in revenue. You know they can pay you, you know they need your thing, and you’re only emailing those guys. You’re checking the lead, and then you’re customizing every single email. You’re writing personalized compliments. You’re talking about their specific business type. So it’s actually the opposite of spam. It’s very personalized, high-quality, high-value email content.

0:00 Why do I love Cold Emails so much?

1:00 How to Scale Cold Emails without going to the Spambox?

2:31 Build a lead list

4:25 Get a Case Study in a Specific Industry

5:25 Create Personalized Emails

6:25 Ask for a Meeting not the Sale

8:15 Keep on A/B testing

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