58th New York Film Festival sticks to core mission despite COVID pandemic changes [Video]

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NEW YORK CITY (WABC) — The 58th New York Film Festival officially gets underway this week, but like so many other events in New York City, the pandemic has resulted in big changes for this event.

This year's diverse slate of movies will be shown on a virtual platform and in drive-ins located in three of the five boroughs.

If show business is always a balancing act between art and commerce, then the New York Film Festival comes down squarely on the side of cinema: The best movies past and present selected without regard for box office prospects.

"All of us who are part of the selection committee spent all summer watching movies and talking about movies," NYFF Director Eugene Hernandez said. "We were considering what movies made sense for our audience at this moment."

But this year, the festival can't have the traditional premieres like the one that launched …

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