50 Laravel complete ecommerce course | laravel bangla tutorial | Brand Show on home page like Daraz [Video]

50 Laravel complete ecommerce course | laravel bangla tutorial | Brand Show on home page like Daraz

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In this course we can learn , how to develop a dynamic complete ecommerce website .
What topics we learn from here. just look at this list
-Category ,Subcategory , Childcategory
-Product Stock
-Mailing System
-Buyone getone offer
-Campaign Offer like evaly aleshmart
-Payment Gateway
-SSL Commerze
-User Role Management
-Bulk Image Upload
-Yajra datatable
-Image intervention package
-Return Product
-Database Backup
-Product Review System
-Product Sharing System
-Full API development for mobile apps with passport and sanctum
-and many more

Feel free to contact with me for making any project.

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