5 Ways B2B eCommerce Improves Organizational Efficiency Ecommerce [Video]

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Everybody’s talking about B2B eCommerce, but not everyone is doing it.

Before the COVID-19 craziness that turned the business world upside down began, Frost & Sullivan estimated the B2B eCommerce market at $6.6 trillion for 2020. And that was in February of 2020!

Now, McKinsey & Company counsels B2B companies to move attention and support to eCommerce channels as a survival tactic.

Whether you adopt B2B eCommerce as a growth strategy or a tactic for survival, you’ll improve organizational efficiency in many ways. Here are the top five ways efficiency will benefit.

More Efficient Order Processing and Follow-Up with B2B eCommerce

Digitize the order process and you digitize the follow-up as well. B2B eCommerce software allows you to automate the routine activities so that humans focus on the non-routine activities.

Provide customers their own ordering portal with the appropriate products and pricing and orders get input automatically. You can even skip the shopping cart process and create …

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