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5 Unicorns Of Unique Marketing To Stand Out From Mediocre [Video]

What makes a unicorn, besides the sparkles, rainbows, and solitary horn?


Something you don’t see too often, if ever.

So when it comes to content marketing, what are the unicorns? What’s rare and hard to find?

Some CoSchedule users wondered about planning unique marketing with their content calendars. Here is how you can find your own unicorns.

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1. Unique Marketing Has Originality

Originality, the king of the unicorns.

It’s extremely rare, because most content is derivative, and that’s OK to be honest (more on that in a bit).

Original thinking, when it comes to content marketing, is highly perishable. Its expiration date is short, since original ideas are quickly aped by others desperate for ideas who then flood the niche with so much sameness that the originaloriginal is quickly lost. You’ve seen this …

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Social Media Marketing

New Ways To Monetize Instagram [Video]

There are now new ways you can monetize Instagram as a creator! Plan to get paid through IGTV Ads, Reels Ads, Instagram Live Badges, a NEW Creator Affiliate Tool and even Brand Collab Tool! These features are slowly rolling out and can't wait to use. Get royalty-free music with Epidemic Sound: Use code 'SUMMERMILLIE' when selecting a plan! 0:00-0:27 Intro 0:27-0:45 Shoutouts 0:45-1:25 Instagram and FaceBook announce monetization 1:25-3:26 What you need to know about IGTV Ads and Reels Ads 3:26-6:32 Sponsor 6:32-7:37 What you need to know about Instagram Live Badges 7:37-8:44 NEW: Instagram Creator Affiliate Feature! 8:44-9:25 Instagram Bonus Programs 9:25-10:38 Brand Collaboration & Manager Tool Links to all resources: - FB $1 Billion announcement: - Instagram monetization: - Affiliate tool: - Bonus program: - FB Brand Manager: VIDEOS YOU MIGHT LIKE: How to grow on Instagram in 2021: Understanding the Instagram algorithm: Land Paid Collabs: Want more than 1 video a week? Join my Patreon Community: My 100+ Caption Ideas E-Book AND MORE: MORE MILLIE! Website: Instagram: Pinterest: Facebook: SHOP MY PRODUCTS! ItsModernMillie Products: Amazon storefront: My camera gear: CONTACT: For potential business inquiries and partnerships: TOOLS & SERVICES I USE: Keyword research tool for YouTube (TubeBuddy) - Simple graphic design for Thumbnails (Canva) - My choice of Music (Artlist) - Get two extra months! Video editors (DAVA) - Business organization (Trello) - And make sure you subscribe to my channel! DISCLAIMER: Links included in this description might be affiliate links. If you purchase a product or service with the links that I provide I may receive a small commission. There is no additional charge to you! Thank you for supporting my channel so I can continue to provide you with free content each week! Sharing Instagram tips to help you grow on Instagram faster than ever!

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3 Things to Do on Social Media Today [Video]

Wanna jumpstart your engagement? Let’s use this opportunity to get more of what you want…When we chat about engagement, the goal is one thing: build TRUST.It’s not about sales.But the good news is that trust leads to sales.Your focus should be to build more trust, and engagement is the foundation of trust.Which tip will you use today?

Social Media Marketing

Do you wish you could stay ahead of the competition on social media? If so, today's class is all about how to make YOUR account stand out in a saturated market!To revamp your social media strategy, head to to receive a FREE 7 Day Content Planner, complete with 7 customizable caption templates designed to drive engagement and set you apart from the rest. 0:00 Hello + Welcome0:15 How to Stand Out in a Saturated Market 0:35 Ever Single One of Us Is Not the Only Person Doing What We Do 1:56 How Do You Differentiate Yourself2:50 It’s All About YOU3:58 You are Your Brand5:10 Your Life Doesn’t Have to Be Instagramable5:38 Continue Watching a Stranger on Stories Share Their Morning Routine or Iced Coffee Recipe 7:10 Click or Swipe Through When Someone Talks About a Product or Tries to Sell you Something8:09 Personalized Content is Sticky Content 8:30 About Me9:45 Why Would Someone Pay You10:05 Give Them a Reason to Connect With You 10:26 What Your Audience Wants11:25 My Most Engaging Posts12:28 Examples of Posts14:26 The More You Share About You Will Either Attract or Repel15:10 The More you Share The More Opportunities You Give to Your Audience To Connect with You15:45 Examples of About Me Posts17:01 Part 2 Working on Excellence 18:14 One of Seven Social Curator Categories 18:42 Can Social Curator Work For You? 18:56 Free Content Planner19:22 Q&A19:45 Knowing if Your Niche is Too Wide20:42 Why Would Someone Want to Know About Me Instead of My Business21:59 Balance of Business & Personal Posts23:40 Dealing With Copycats 24:41 How to Do This Presentation25:09 Don’t Want to Share About Friends or Family For Privacy Reasons26:10 Collaborate With Those in Your Market26:42 Longer or Shorter Content 27:48 Final Thoughts